Local Chapters

The CEAN Chapter Network is built around communities with active CEAs who have volunteered to become members.

The network is both a virtual community where CEAN members can connect from coast to coast using our National Forum. Additionally, CEAN members can connect within their selected community Chapter Forum where their communications and content will only be shared between those members of the specific Chapter. The Forum Network is a great place to share ideas, post questions and responses amongst the member community and get to know each other.

As Chapter membership grows and Chapter Leaders step forward, it is expected that CEAN Chapter members will begin to host live member experiences. Educational, and face to face networking, will enhance the virtual network community experience.

Together, these organized and secure Forum Networks along with the ever evolving and growing physical Chapter meeting experience, will deliver a one of a kind opportunity to members from the broad community of CEA professions to share professional experience and enhance the interactions they have with prospective and current executors.

Select the Chapter you wish to visit.

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